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Update on COVID-19

Around the world, countries, and individuals are dealing with the COVID-19 virus which in many cases has changed daily lives. We wanted to update you on our procedures here at Susie Jane’s Attic. First, we are following the recommendations of both the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. Second, since our team works virtually regularly, we’ve just asked them to continue that procedure. Finally, we wanted to update you on our merchandise protocol.

We take pride in the merchandise that we create for you and will continue to offer our unique selection of items through this time. The majority of our items are garments that have been made by Bella+Canvas in Los Angeles, CA. The production of these items also takes place in the United States.

In the coming weeks and months, we may see changes that are unknown at this time. If changes do require us to modify our procedures, we will inform you.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to sharing our future with you.

Susie Jane’s Attic Team Members

Happy Guacamole Day!

It doesn’t have any particularly poetic origin, but Guacamole Day is a terrific excuse to indulge in the tastiest of dips. Not only is it a great addition to a savory spread, but it’s also good for you!

Pen and calendar book

Time Travelers?

Did British and American residents all become time travelers? Well, today just happens to be Calendar Adjustment Day! Yes, it really is something that took place hundreds of years ago.

Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon Meringue Pie Day

Lemons just seem to be refreshing, no matter what you do with them. Lemonade, lemon vinaigrette, lemon ice cream…you get the picture. Lemon meringue pie is one of the most famous lemon desserts…


Happy S’Mores Day!

Graham crackers, melted chocolate, and sticky toasted marshmallows, all in one little sandwich—if that doesn’t get you licking your chops, what does? S’mores are one of the most popular North American desserts and practically the quintessential campfire treat. Never tried them? Then S’mores Day is the day for you! Click the heading to read more…

Cut avocado

National Avocado Day

So what is it with this greenish-yellow fruit? While many don’t think of avocado as a fruit, it is actually considered a single-berry fruit. Today, we are celebrating National Avocado Day! From breakfast items to table-side guacamole, there are so many ways to enjoy avocados.

According to the Hass Avocado Board, as of 2015, avocado consumption in the United States doubled since 2005 and quadrupled since 2000. In fact, a whopping 4.25 billion avocados were sold in the U.S. in 2015.

There are many reasons to celebrate National Avocado Day. For one, avocados targeting insulin resistance with heart-healthy fats. They also fight Alzheimer’s with its Omega 3 fatty acids. Another avocado superpower is preventing and repairing damage due to its source of Vitamins C, E, and K.

One of the secret weapons in an avocado is the high oleic acid content. This moisturizing fatty acid helps keep skin soft and hydrated but also supports the regeneration of damaged skin cells reducing redness and irritation. Eat more of this superfruit or cook with avocado oil if you have this type of skin issue.

Many restaurants and food establishments are offering a variety of specials today, including free guacamole at some locations to celebrate.

What’s your favorite way to prepare guacamole? We like to smash down the avocado fork-style, and then add chopped onion, fresh-cut cilantro, and a good splashing of lime juice.

However you enjoy this fruit, make sure to take an extra helping today!

Carousel in winter

Going Around in Circles

Theme parks. Carnivals. Disneyland. The options are endless when it comes to riding famous carousels. And one doesn’t necessarily have to be a youngster to enjoy them either. Young-at-heart is a perfectly valid age as well. When’s the last time you rode a fantasy horse or animal around in circles just because?

Did you know that carousels have been around for longer than most of us even realize? One of the first conceptual design for a carousel was in 500 A.D. in the Byzantine Empire, which depicts baskets, carrying riders, suspended from a central pole. Then, In the 1840s, Franz Wiesenoffer created the first merry-go-round in the United States in Hessville, Ohio.

The National Carousel Association, operating since 1973, aims to keep carousels running and preserve their history in the United States. Since then, the NCA tracks the history of carousels all around the United States in its census. According to the NCA census, there are hundreds of registered carousels in the United States alone.

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of your local carousel, find out by contacting your local directors and asking them about it. Take your kids to the local fair, or if you don’t have kids, ride one yourself. Go out there and have fun!

Photo by Serge Kutuzov on Unsplash

Old fashioned cocktail

Tequila Day

We’re not saying that you have to drink, but if you do, we just wanted you to know that today is #TequilaDay, and for that, we felt like letting you know and sharing a few tidbits of information.

But let’s face it, we all know tequila is synonymous with margarita, but there are many other drinks that can be found with tequila in them as well. The drink pictured above is one that Johann Trasch of Cocktail Bart worked on. This is a Classic Old fashioned-style cocktail featuring Italian amaro, Mexican tequila, and angostura bitters, garnished with a lime wedge.

However, since we are sort of talking about margarita’s too, do you happen to know some of the tales of this popular drink?

There is no definitive answer as to who really invented this drink, but interesting stories abound. One of the earliest stories tells of a wealthy Dallas socialite inventing the drink at a Christmas party in Acapulco in 1948. Tommy Hilton of the Hilton Hotel chain reportedly attended the party and took the recipe home to serve at his hotels. Another suggests that it is merely based on an American drink called the Daisy, which was made with brandy instead of tequila. The Spanish word for “Daisy” is “Margarita”; hence the name.

In any case, this popular drink, made with tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice, plus the trademark salt rim, will bring a touch of the tropics to any get-together.

So there you have it. Remember, if you are going to enjoy an adult beverage, enjoy responsibly and be over 21 years of age.

Photo by Johann Trasch on Unsplash

Camping in the mountains

One With Nature

So, first questions first… is camping your thing? Pitching up your tent, cooking meals on makeshift grills, and enjoying hearing the unfiltered sounds of nature. While it might not be something for everyone, it is something that everyone should try at some point in their lives. While it might be a little rough at times, you simply can’t be what you get out of it. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Hearing the sounds of nature all around you. Birds chirping in the morning hours.

One thing is for sure though, we all need to find a place (and time) to just away from it all. Whether that’s camping some weekend or just finding a place to ignore everything for a while.

Now, if camping is your thing, feel free to share with us your favorite camping spots! Add your comments here or tag us on social media.

Photo by Christopher Jolly on Unsplash

Keep Smiling

It’s the start of a new week, so let’s hear it for #MotivationMonday! Connor Franta said… “Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.” Isn’t that completely true? Now, there are likely times we’ve all forgotten this, but we are all here to help each other out. Remind someone that their smile really can change the world.

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